Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Me, Myself & I -10 facts about me!

  After many, many, months of reading other peoples blogs and thinking how much fun it would be to talk about a range of different things in my own little corner of the internet i have finally decided to take the plunge and do it! 
I thought it would only be fitting to let you know a few things about me, myself and I
So without further or do here are 10 facts about me: 

1. i was born on the 28th of October 1999, which makes me 15 years of age
2. i really really really love chips (or 'fries' if you live in the US)
3. i used to be obsessed with Steve Irwin when i was younger and was devastated when he died :(
4. i absolutely HATE the word 'crusty'. i have no idea why
5. i am super overprotective when it comes to snails, for instance, if there is a snail on the pathway i will stand over it just to make sure nobody stamps on it. poor lil guys :( 
6. lemons are my absolute favorite fruit, i even eat them with the peel on. 
7. i am a huge beauty fanatic anything makeup, skincare or fashion is right up my street. 
8. when it comes to films/ movies i am so controversial i absolutely love Disney films and always have even as a child but on the other hand i am a huge horror film addict
9.i cry at everything; films, books, adverts, tv shows- anything! 
and last but not least...
10.i have never been on an airplane, hopefully that will change in the near-coming future.

That was 10 facts about myself, it was harder than i originally thought to come up with a handful of facts but i managed to do so and you learnt a few things about me (i also hope  to know a few things about you)! i am looking forward to starting this blog a lot.
Liv x